Sunday, February 18, 2007

Some bloggers on Capitol Confidential have raised a good point about my first post, so I should clarify. If you see a wasteful policy, tell me about the policy, but not the administration responsible for it. I will not post any mention of whether it's a Spitzer policy or a Pataki policy or a Cuomo policy or a Giambra policy. All I care about is exposing the fact that it's there and having it taken care of. Here are some links to some allies in our war on waste.

I have also figured out how to allow people to comment without having to log in.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hello. My name is Brian, and I'm a taxpayer. I'd like to believe that I have just given you enough information to justify the existence of this website, but at the risk of being redundant, let me explain.

Mario Cuomo once said, "we believe in only the government we need but we insist on all the government we need." I agreed with him then, and I agree with him now. We need our government. We need it to keep us safe, to maintain our roads and to provide a safety net. But I have just finished hearing my last horror story about the waste taking place in our government, particularly in Albany. It strikes me as bizarre that in an age where we have such amazing technology at our disposal, we fail to employ it to expose such egregious violations of the public trust as people literally sleeping on the job. It happens. I've seen it. And today, I'm going to do my part to change that. I've set up an email account,, for you to send your stories. I want to see everything you have to offer, whether it's at the federal or villiage level. Any place where taxes are being squandered, I want to know about it.

An important note: I don't want to hear blame. I don't want to hear about policies or politics or progams or personalities. I want facts. Excess, laziness, theft, dishonesty, anything that you believe to be a waste of our tax dollars. Remember,
photographs don't lie: if you can take a picture, please do so. At the end of March, I'm going to upload your pictures and your stories. Be sure to be as specific as possible.

Here's to doing some good.